The Law Offices of William T. Kennedy, P.C. concentrates in representing clients in areas of property and liability claims, and substantial subrogation recovery.  The members of the firm have extensive experience in handling legal representation for clients in areas as varied as water damage, building collapse, reference proceedings, fire damage and property liability and declaratory judgment actions. The firm handles litigation for clients in all courts of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Our founder and managing partner, Attorney William Kennedy, is admitted in the States of New Hampshire and Maine.  In addition to handling cases throughout Massachusetts, the firm handles cases in the areas of its practice in the Southern region of New Hampshire and Maine.

Currently, there are three members of the firm, each with substantial experience and credentials.

About Our Lawyers


Our dedicated staff is active in professional associations and provides us with first rate support. For more information on our attorneys’ individual qualifications and accomplishments, please click on the links provided above.